There are three primary topics covered in each of the TIPS programs.
INFORMATION - The Information Section uses a video presentation followed by discussion to cover basic information about alcohol, its effects on people and effective intervention strategies.
SKILLS TRAINING - This section is presented in two parts: Evaluating Cues and Evaluating Responses. In each part, attendees are asked to view a short video scene, rate the scene according to a predetermined rating chart, and then explain what they saw in the scene and why they rated it the way they did. The purpose of this section is to develop participants' abilities to assess behavior and intoxication levels in others, and then determine appropriate responses to handle the situation.
PRACTICE / REHEARSAL - This is the most important section of the program. Participants take the information and skills they have learned in the course so far and put them to use right away. Through role-playing exercises, participants demonstrate their ability to effectively intervene in difficult alcohol-related situations, using the guidelines and strategies they have learned in the program. Participants are encouraged to use past experiences for the exercise, or to choose a sample situation from the list provided in their manuals. Students receive feedback from both the certified trainer and the other participants on the intervention technique they use in the situation. The Practice/Rehearsal section allows participants to discover and develop their own skills and confidence to intervene.

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